How-to Stovetop Popcorn When it came to groceries, I was fortunate enough to have parents that payed for my meals. Please note the usage of was, in that sentence. It wasn't until I became "independent" by moving away and had to shop for food on my own, that I realized something. A few cents there... Continue Reading →


About… theGoldenCaroline

CONTACT Business Email OR Leave a Comment!! 😀 BIO Caroline Leon, currently resides in Chico, CA. She is studying at Chico State University, and she plans to major in Media Arts. She hopes to work along the Film industry in order to create art along film enthusiast such as herself. Growing up she was... Continue Reading →

The Bookstore- Chico, CA

The Bookstore- Chico, CA As I made my way downtown for sole purpose of exploring my new 'hometown', I came across The Bookstore. Located at the far corner of Main St a small yet broad bookstore, thrives thanks to the many bibliophiles that Chico holds. And although the store is located in the heart of... Continue Reading →

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