The Bookstore- Chico, CA

The Bookstore- Chico, CA


As I made my way downtown for the sole purpose of exploring my new ‘hometown’, I came across The Bookstore. Located at the far corner of Main St a small yet broad bookstore, thrives thanks to the many bibliophiles that Chico holds. And although the store is located in the heart, I was surprised to see only a handful of customers. As I entered the store I instantly noticed the dedication and love this store has for its books. Books where lined in every shelf, from floor to ceiling, and organized according to genre, language, and topic. Even the shelf’s that were semi empty where filled by books whose pages where folded with intricated foldings.


As I marveled around the small halls, I could see why this place could be a sanctuary to many. It’s tranquil atmosphere attracted those who care a deep respect and love for literature. And not to mention the attentive and respectful service provided by the employers. After nearly an hour of exited book searching, I decided to purchase one small book. As a broke college student I can only afford much, and although I would love to spend my money here rather than bed sheets and such, buying a book at The Bookstore is buying the experience as well. Paying for my book, I noticed many handmade painted poetry books.


After talking to the lady at the desk, she told me how they help support local poets for the obvious reasons by selling their poetry. The Bookstore not only sells books, but buy them as well. They believe in a circulating book economy, an economy where books have more than one owner in their lifetime. Leaving this marvelous store left me in awe. The love and care they have for literature and their books helped restored my love for literature and the many traditions it holds. The Bookstore is a wonderful family owned business that will leave you in awe the moment you walk through them doors, that is if and only if you are a thriving bookworm!


118 Main St.

Chico,  CA 95928

(530) 345-7441

Open 7 days a week!


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