How-to Stovetop Popcorn

When it came to groceries, I was fortunate enough to have parents that payed for my meals. Please note the usage of was, in that sentence. It wasn’t until I became “independent” by moving away and had to shop for food on my own, that I realized something. A few cents there and there, can REALLY add up. Going grocery shopping became more and more, excruciating as I had to re-think buying every single item. I know. I probably sound like a spoiled brat. But that is because I was a brat who didn’t know any better.

After countless of late night readings about how to budget and finding cheaper options for my groceries, I came to the realization the snacks that I purchased in my local convenience store where my biggest expense. By changing my daily granola/ gummy fruit intake to a cup-full of Stovetop Popcorn, my monthly grocery receipt almost cut down by 30%. My wallet thanks me now.

So, making popcorn is plain simple. It required more utensils, as I am aware we are all accustomed to putting a popcorn bag into the microwave. But popcorn not only is cheap and simple, it is actually healthier. Without further due, here is how I made stovetop popcorn.

Ingredients and Utensils-

  • 1-2 coconut oil tbsp.
  • Salt of your choice.
  • 1/2 cup popcorn kernels.
  • 1 pot with lid.
  • Anything in which you can use it to steer the popcorn.

  1. First you add your coconut oil and a few kernels into your pot. Cover them and let them rest in medium heat, UNTIL they pop.

NOTE: Take those kernels out so they don’t burn!


2. Add the rest of the kernels into the pot, and take the pot away from the heat for 30 sec.

TIP: take this 30 sec to steer the kernels in order for them to be evenly covered in oil.


3. Place the pot back into the heat, and watch them POP!

A pan.


4. Pour the popcorn into desired container and add salt


5. ENJOY!!


Benefits of Stovetop Popcorn-

  • They are cheaper than microwavable popcorn.
  • YOU choose your condiments.
  • They don’t contain the synthetic flavors and chemicals that store bought popcorn contain.
  • It’s fun to make!

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